In the 21st Century, carbon is the new accounting tool. Whether we're talking Main Street or Wall Street, our commerce and lifestyles demand the burning of fossil fuels. So let's face it: we're addicted to oil. And many feel that they have no choice but to go into carbon debt, and live beyond their carbon means: people feel downtrodden as daily demands compel them to live a life out of sync with their values.

And what are those values? Sustainability, clean air, clean water, good public transportation. Alas, millions in the U.S. do not have access to these things.  So, they get in the car to drive to the store; they take a plane to visit a friend; they crank up the heat in their homes so it seems like the tropics in December.

Every time we move, breathe or even think, we are using up precious carbon. We all have an impact on our environment, and we cannot always live in alignment with our highest eco-values: then the guilt sets in, paralyzing us, and we feel dis-empowered from making positive changes.

Feel guilty no more!  The Carbon Confessor offers you a compassionate heart and a place to vent your guilt and move on to a greener tomorrow!

No transgression is too small, none too great, that the gender-anonymous Carbon Confessor cannot hold in his/her bosom the patience and kindness to absolve your carbon sins.