Be released from your inner turmoil. Offer up your guilt and shame about your "pigs at the trough" lifestyle.

Cleanse your soul of the tarnish of bad decision making. Stay no more in the land of excess and gluttony (that's SO 1990's!). Put hand to keyboard and send your reckless tale of carbon overload to the Carbon Confessor. Be made pure again and live better. Give up the illusion of infinite carbon and walk somewhere.

The Confessor is available via electronic communication: 


Please note that to deter unwanted email, the email address above has the symbols "at" and "dot" written out (please convert back to the @ and . symbols when typing in the confessor's email address and all will be revealed appropriately).

Please indicate if you wish to have your confession included on the virtual confessions wall. (Names withheld to protect the guilty).